About Me

I am a London based DEV-401 Salesforce.com developer and system administrator with six years experience in:
   • designing, developing, testing, launching and maintaining solutions on Salesforce.com, using my own configuration and the AppExchange
   • formula fields, workflows, approval processes, record security, and more recently JavaScript, Apex classes and Apex triggers.
   • serving as the ‘Salesforce.com guru/messiah’ providing practical solutions for my users, seniors, and fellow Salesforce administrators/developers.
   • establishing confidence in the system that is Salesforce, and in the sales figures it provides
   • improving existing working practices to simplify the user journey
   • delivering, maintaining, and improving end-user training
   • seeking better solutions through fellow Salesforce champions and keeping up to date with the ever evolving Salesforce world.

I am only scratching the surface, there’s plenty more that can be done with Salesforce and the Force.com environment!

This blog is intended for sharing, not supporting or developing. That is the day job.

Find me on Twiiter:  @theforcejedi